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Facilities - est. 1849

  • Sharing Jesus
  • Applying the Bible
  • Making Disciples
  • Biblical Unity
  • Missional Impact
  • Connecting People

we  value

What to expect ... 

Expect to meet a small, diverse & friendly gathering of people.  Expect to sing some great songs about faith led by fantastic musicians.  Expect to hear God's amazing truth taught in an engaging & practical way. 

Our  Pastor & FAMILY - Paul D. Anglin, Jr.

We would love to see faith relationships grow by connect with others through our small group opportunities.  

We believe a critical part of your faith journey is to connect with a ministry that allows you to use your gifts & talents. 

We believe that spiritual development is a continuous process and is best manifested through serving God by serving people everywhere.

We invite you to connect with God during one of our worship services. 






Corner of

Kenner & Linden

400 Linden Street
Ludlow, KY 41016

'In Jesus the Christ and through faith in Jesus we may approach God the Father with freedom & confidence.'  Ephesians 3:12