Facilities - est. 1849

  • Sharing Jesus
  • Applying the Bible
  • Making Disciples
  • Biblical Unity
  • Missional Impact
  • Connecting People

we  value

What to expect ... 

Expect to meet a diverse & friendly gathering of people.  Expect to sing some great songs about faith alongside several instruments.  Expect to hear God's amazing truth taught in an engaging & practical way. 

We believe a critical part of your faith journey is to connect with a church ministry that allows you to use your gifts & talents. 

We believe that spiritual development is a continuous process and is best manifested as we serve God by serving people here and across the world.




Corner of Kenner & Linden Streets

Our 38,000 sq. ft. facility is located in the shadow of Downtown Cincy. 

400 Linden Street

Ludlow, KY 41016

Our  Pastor - Paul D. Anglin, Jr.

We would love to see you connect with others through our small group opportunities.  

We invite you to connect with God through His son, Jesus during one of our worship services. 



'In Jesus the Christ and through faith in Jesus we may approach God the Father with freedom & confidence.'  Ephesians 3:12